Boys Crew

Zach, Pete

Not pictured: Joey

Senior 1 Company Sagamore

Susan, Sydney, Paiyge, Katelyne, Riley, Caroline

Junior Company Sagamore

Caitlin, Sarah, Katelyn, Kaelyn, Chloe, Ashley

Competition Rep Plymouth

Lilly, Charlotte, Rylee, Madelynne, Lexie, Amber

Not Pirctured: Madison

Outreach/Competition Rep Sagamore

Rory, Alanna, Michaela, Jessica, Brianna, Olivia, Laura, Annabelle, Emerson, Miranda, Maggie, Lily

Junior Company Plymouth

Page, Marissa, Jenny, Amelia, Ashlyn, Bella, Mary, Mykaela, Maya

Senior Company Plymouth

Danielle, Emma, Gabriela, Erin, Molly

Senior 2 Company Sagamore

Elizabeth, Phoebe, Caitlin, Olivia, Kate

Not Pictured: Jackie, Lauren, Janelle

Mini Team

Sophia, Grace, Alicia, Charlee, Sara, Faith, Charlotte, Annabelle, Avery, Madi, Lyla, Maggie Dahlia


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